Academic Writing Advice 

Academic Writing

I can advise on all aspects of academic writing to help you improve your grades; for example:

  • How to present your work well
  • How to make it logical and flow well
  • How to check for grammatical and spelling errors

Although I do not advise on content, I can guide you on how to include relevant knowledge in order to demonstrate your understanding.

I can suggest how to search for literature and incorporate this into your work in order to demonstrate breadth, depth and integration of literature.

Depending on your level of study, I can advise on developing your: 

  • Descriptive writing
  • Discussion/argument
  • Reflective writing
  • Critical analysis and evaluation
  • Synthesis

I can also check presentation of citations and reference lists.

If you would like some one-to-one advice and support, get in touch to book a session, otherwise please check out my latest blog posts for some free guidance and advice.

Latest Advice

Reflective Writing

I like to adopt the ‘What? Where? When? How? Why? and Who? approach (Kipling, 1902). I think this makes it easier to remember things and not miss out on important points when writing reflective accounts.

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Searching the literature

‘I keep six honest serving men: (they taught me all I knew). Their names are What and Where and When. And How and Why and Who’ (Rudyard Kipling, ampoule The Elephant’s Child, pilule Just So Stories, 1902).

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