I was so excited about beginning to work on my ‘creative project’. I had bought away with me; lots of paintbrushes from home, coloured paper, water-colour paints, soft colouring pencils, oil pastels and a book called ‘The Artist’s Handbook; A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing, Watercolour and Oil Painting (Gair, 1998). I also had my camera with me as usual.

My first instinct was to try all the brushes out to see what could be kept or discarded. It is hard to describe the feeling when I first started to put the paint on paper after all these years, but it was like being back at school. I always loved art then and I remembered attending Hornsey Art College – see below – for two weeks in the sixth-form to practice photography. I had wanted to go there to study all those years ago! I couldn’t do landscapes in either medium; painting or photography, preferring close-up paintings and shots. What could I paint? Obviously, I painted the paint box!! My first painting for years. I then tried the coloured pencils and pastels and ended up with three impressions of the paint box!

Analysing and interpreting
I was pleased that we had kept all the art materials (our children were both keen artists at school, one winning the school art prize). Was this a skill that had been inherited? (see below) – possibly, but not necessarily so. Thinking about all the different materials available was somewhat daunting. I didn’t know enough about any of them really to know where to start. So, in my usual way, I started to read about it in the book noted above. Another thing I noticed was that the book was conveniently divided into 12 projects. Was this something I could take forward into my own art project? http://barwood-educational.co.uk/my-creative-journey/ I am excited by the thought of trying out different mediums. In the introduction to Gair’s (1998) book, she states that ‘making any kind of art is a continuous, never-ending discovery’. I love that.

Moving forward?
• I will look at all the resources at home and make a list of what else I may need to collect or buy.
• I intend to practice using different mediums, this may include making collages as well. Watch this space!
• I will keep a note of ideas that inspire me for the work each month.
• I will continue to search for sources of evidence to support the work and this journal.


Hornsey College of Art is a former college centred on Crouch End in the London Borough of Haringey, England. The HCA was “an iconic British art institution, renowned for its experimental and progressive approach to art and design education”. Wikipedia

Based on all available information, it is very likely that the capacity for creativity is shaped by genetic influences –– it’s a complicated way of saying that creativity and artistic interests can almost certainly be inherited.” …

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