By answering these questions, you will be well on your way to carrying out and writing up your research project (dissertation or thesis).


Why are you carrying out this research?
Why have you chosen this topic?
Why have you chosen this research question(s)?
Why have you adopted this research approach/design/methods?
Why have you chosen this form of analysis?


What is your purpose/rationale?
What is your research design?
What paradigms is your research based on?
What theoretical concepts are relevant to your study?
What methods will you use?
What evidence do you need to gather?
What resources do you need?
What are your presentation guidelines?


Where is the literature? databases? journals?
Where will you write?
Where will you collect data?


Who is your supervisor?
Who has researched and written about this topic before?
Who will your sample be?
Who do you need to liaise with?


When do you need to meet with your supervisor?
When do you need to get ethical approval?
When are you going to carry out each aspect of the project?
When is the date of submission?


How much time do you have?
How will you introduce the topic?
How do you get ethical approval?
How will you gain consent?
How will you maintain anonymity, confidentiality and protect participants from harm?
How will you carry out your literature review? Tell a story?
How will you record your searches and references? e.g. Endnote
How do you know if the evidence is valid, reliable and robust?
How will you access your sample/site?
How will you gather your data?
How will you analyse your data?
How will you discuss, present your findings and draw conclusions?
How will you reflect on your role as a researcher?
How will you disseminate your findings?

Good luck!

Useful source of reference:
Thomas, G. (2009). How to do your Research Project. London: Sage.